Building Expansion and Finished Photos Building Expansion and Finished Photos The beloved tree 47768697 Mid flight 47768698 84 years of rings 47768699 Inside upstairs Looking from sound board back to where nursery used to be. 60075839 Inside upstairs Looking from multipurpose room toward new entrance door. Library on left. 60075844 Inside upstairs Just walking in front door looking toward multi purpose room. 60075843 Downstairs Looking from boiler room toward old stairs/ new elevator. New switch back stairs is behind where wood is against wall. 60075840 Downstairs Looking from bathrooms toward children s church room under old stairs. 60075842 Downstairs Looking toward where bathrooms were. All being replaced. After walls torn down. 60075841 Downstairs Floor is poured for new bathrooms. 60077076 Outside Front bump out started. 60075847 Outside 60075846 Outside Roof getting done on front bump out. Steeple is back on top of new front bump out. 60075845 Inside Downstairs looking at stairs and elevator and elevator room. 67498127 Inside Looking toward NEW front door and coat area. 67498129 Looking in from front door 85202006 Looking toward front door 85202007 Nursery nursery 85202008 Nursery nursery 85202009 One of the New bathrooms 85202010 Library Library 85202015 Library Library 85202492 Fellowship Hall 85202014 Children's Church 85202495 Elevator 85202497 85202493 First Alert Fire Center 85202496 New back yard 85202011 New back yard 85202012 New back yard with brick wall 85202013